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      Essential safety tips for dogs at Christmas

      Christmas dog with a sign saying "dear Santa, please define good". Essential dog Christmas safety tips.

      As you prepare to deck the halls this Christmas, prioritise your dog's safety. Dive intoΒ my comprehensive guide for a detailed walkthrough on dog-proofing your home during the festive season. From identifying potential hazards to creating a dog-friendly atmosphere. Let's ensure this holiday season is joyful for you and your beloved pup. Click here to uncover essential Christmas safety tips for dogs.

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      Fun things to do with dogs when stuck indoors

      Fun things to do with dogs when stuck indoors / mental stimulation for dogs - White dog lying on a soft brown seat.

      Whatever the reason that keeps you and your dog indoors, it's essential to find ways to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated, happy, and entertained. In this blog, I’ll share eight fun things to do with dogs when you can't go outside.

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      8 tips to keep your dog calm and safe during fireworks

      A small brown and black dog curled up under an orange blanket
      Fireworks can be a scary time if you're a dog. It leads to many dogs feeling terrified and stressed. For those of us with dogs scared of fireworks, our number one priority is to keep them calm and safe. In this post, we share our 8 top tips for keeping your dog calm and safe during fireworks.

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