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      Canine enrichment for reactive dogs

      Canine enrichment for reactive dogs - Close-up image of a red boxer dog's face with its mouth open and panting.

      Discover the joy of living with a reactive dog! While traditional walks may not be an option, a world of enrichment activities is waiting to be explored. Learn how to help your reactive dog mentally and physically thrive and unlock the secrets to a fulfilling life together. Click to dive into canine enrichment ideas for your reactive dog!

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      Can dogs eat pancakes?

      Can dogs eat pancakes - Image is three pancakes on a plate with a selection of berries to the side.

      As Pancake Day approaches, many of us are getting ready to flip pancakes and enjoy this delicious tradition. But as we indulge in these sweet treats, a common question among dog parents emerges: "Can dogs eat pancakes?" Find out here!

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      Homemade Furr Boost gummy treats for dogs

      A venison Furr Boost carton on the left with the homemade Furr Boost gummy treats for dogs on the right.

      I'm sharing a straightforward and healthy recipe for Furr Boost dog treats. Made with minimal ingredients and requiring only a few simple steps, this recipe is ideal for anyone looking to create something special for their dog without spending hours in the kitchen.

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      A guide to gelatine for homemade gummy dog treats

      Gelatine for homemade dog treats

      Choosing the right gelatine for making homemade gummy dog treats is crucial to ensure the tastiness and safety of your treats. In this guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider when selecting gelatine for your gummy dog treats.

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      Essential safety tips for dogs at Christmas

      Christmas dog with a sign saying "dear Santa, please define good". Essential dog Christmas safety tips.

      As you prepare to deck the halls this Christmas, prioritise your dog's safety. Dive into my comprehensive guide for a detailed walkthrough on dog-proofing your home during the festive season. From identifying potential hazards to creating a dog-friendly atmosphere. Let's ensure this holiday season is joyful for you and your beloved pup. Click here to uncover essential Christmas safety tips for dogs.

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