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      Furr Boost Dog Drinks

      Furr Boost dog drinks

      Furr Boost's drink for dogs is a 100% natural, hydrating smoothie drink to complement your dog's daily water intake. It's more than just a dog drink; it's a holistic approach to your dog's well-being. Crafted with natural flavours, it keeps your dog happily hydrated while delivering a wholesome dose of essential nutrients.

      Furr Boost hydration drinks for dogs are suitable all year round and come in various flavours to suit even the fussiest dogs. They are ideal for all breeds, sizes and ages.

      You can use them to encourage your dog to stay properly hydrated, especially if they are resisting drinking water or if you want to increase their water intake. Freeze them on a lick mat for a fun and engaging activity. Incorporate them into your favourite dog recipes. If your pup has lost their appetite or seems disinterested in their meals, use them as a tasty food topper to rekindle their interest in eating. You can warm Furr Boost up like a soup and give it to your dog on chilly winter days to keep them cosy. Alternatively, chill or freeze them for a refreshing and hydrating treat on toasty summer days.

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